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Online Marketing / Internet Marketing Milton Keynes Most people now use the internet to gather information, find out more about products and services before buying, and find suppliers both locally and globally. It has never been more important for your business to be utilising online marketing and internet marketing.

The vast majority of companies today have their own website. While some know that their site should be a strong marketing tool, many neglect to take the actions needed to make it effective at attracting viewers and potential customers. Others find to their detriment that their website is doing nothing at all to promote their offerings. Tools like Google Analytics allow you to obtain good data on how well your website is performing. If you don’t feel that your website is a valuable investment that provides a return, it is time to take action.

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Great web design should do far more than just look good. At Urban Media, we design websites that turn viewers into customers. It is about helping viewers of your site engage with what you do. They quickly come to understand that you have the solution to their needs, then take the steps to contact you or buy from you.

To be an effective marketing tool in today’s environment, your design must be mobile responsive. This means that your visitors can see your content and navigate your site regardless of the device (PC, mobile phone, tablet or other portable device0 they’re using. The percentage of people searching the web from mobile devices is now greater than those on PC’s or laptops. Ignoring that fact is likely to cause your company to miss out on a lot of business. In 2015, Google changed listings (rankings) for searches from mobiles so that only “mobile friendly” websites will be highly ranked.

The main goal for your web design will be to effectively communicate how your business will help your customer. However, it should also be optimised for the search engines. There is not much point in having a superb design if no-one ever finds the site and sees it. Urban Media evaluate the potential return of optimisation on all websites it builds. We will recommend an appropriate level of on-going search engine optimisation (SEO) work that will turn your cost into a profitable investment. If investing in a new web design, you will want it to be seen far further afield than just by the Milton Keynes customers you provide the exact address to.

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To have a profitable online presence, you need an established company. We focus on generating a real return on investment for our clients. Your web design and internet marketing are an integral part of that. Urban Media have been helping local and national businesses since 1997 and we can help you too. For Internet Marketing in Milton Keynes, contact us today!

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